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Rab is a town and a famous tourist destination in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County in Croatia. It is located on a prominent peninsula on the west coast of the island of Rab. The island of Rab is connected with the mainland by a short ferry line Stinica - Mišnjak, so it's very accessible to visitors and tourists. History of Rab dates back far into the past when it was inhabited by ancient Illyrian tribe Liburni. With the arrival of the Romans in the 2nd century BC, it was named Felix Arba Rab or happy Rab. This name is still kept and locals call this island - an island of happiness. Throughout the Middle Ages, the town of Rab was an important maritime and commercial center of northern Adriatic under Venetian rule. Today the old town center is situated on a picturesque peninsula between the Saint Euphemia bay and port, dominated by four church bell towers. The streets in the old town are the typical Mediterranean architecture, narrow and cobbled, and the houses and palaces are very well preserved. At the beginning of the peninsula is l...

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...ocated landscaped garden where is a statue of St. Marino, who lived in the city, but during the Christian, persecution fled and took refuge in the surrounding area of ​​Rimini in Italy and founded the city-state of San Marino. In the town of Rab private accommodation can be found in the comfortable rooms and apartments inside the old town and the newer neighborhoods that surround the old town. Beautiful town beach Banova Vila is located at the foot of the old city walls and dense pine forest with a coffee bar of the same name. Here after sunset, you can enjoy cocktails and live music. Known as the island of sun, sand, sea, and beauty, and as one of the greenest islands in the Adriatic, Rab is rich in sand and pebble beaches which are all within ten kilometers of the city. The island is intertwined with more than 100 kilometers of hiking and biking trails where you can explore the beauty of the Mediterranean landscape, and you can climb to the highest peak of the island Kamenjak at 400 meters above sea level with a beautiful view of Kvarner bay and the neighboring islands of Cres and Pag. From the harbor, there are daily organized excursions to nearby islands of Pag, Sveti Grgur, Goli otok, or sightseeing and fishing trips. The town hosts numerous cultural and entertainment events and the most famous is Rab fair, a medieval festival which revives the traditional crafts. Visit the island of Rab and the beautiful old medieval town of Rab and relax in the ideal combination of the cultural, historical and natural heritage of this attractive Adriatic island. Search for affordable private accommodation in the town of Rab and the surrounding area. Apartments, rooms and holiday homes, cheaper up to 40% without expensive agency fees. Welcome to the city of Rab!