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Sveti Juraj is a small coastal village situated at the foot of the Velebit, 10 kilometers south of the town of Senj. In the prehistoric times here was small village Lopsica, and in the old cemetery, there can still be seen the remains of the medieval church of St. Philip and James. Today here lives about 700 inhabitants engaged mainly in fishing and tourism. It belongs administratively to the town of Senj. In the center, there is a beautiful beach, and those who want a little more intimacy and privacy, they can find their peace in numerous hidden bays. The settlement is very peaceful and quiet without big summer crowds, therefore, it is ideal for all those who want to escape the city noise and pollution. Apart from being a tourist resort, Sveti Juraj is also known for the production of flower honey. Nearby is the Northern Velebit National Park that will delight all lovers of nature and hiking. Accommodation is offered exclusively in private apartments, rooms and holiday houses within private family accommodation. Contact directly the ...

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