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Krk - Stara Baška

Stara Baška is a small tourist resort on the southwest side of the island of Krk. It is part of the Punat municipality and it has about 100 permanent residents. Stara Baška extends along two kilometers of the coastline and it abounds with beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea. Stara Baška was built in the 14th century when refugees fled in front of the Turkish invasions and founded a village here. Apart from sheep farming, the inhabitants of Stara Baška were also engaged in fishing. However, today due to its unique natural beauty and numerous beaches, the main branch of the economy is tourism. Almost every family house offers accommodation in apartments or rooms, so accommodation except in the nearby camp can be found exclusively in private family houses. The place is very quiet and idyllic and is perfect for a pleasant family vacation and for those who want to relax from the city noise and pollution. The island of Krk offers many interesting, natural and cultural attractions and events, so Stara Baška can be an ideal place to ...

Krk - Stara Baška

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YouTube video the entire island of Krk, as well as the nearby island Cres and Rab, which are very well connected with Krk. Contact directly owners of private accommodation in Stara Baška, book your ideal apartment and spend an unforgettable holiday in this idyllic little seaside resort. Welcome to Stara Baška!