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Punat is a village and municipality in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar county in Croatia. It is located on the west coast of the island Krk at the entrance to a large natural Punat bay. From the town of Krk, Punat is only 7 kilometers away. It has a population of around 2,000 inhabitants. The first written documents mentioned Punat in 14th century as Villa di Ponte. Over the centuries it was farmers and fishermen's village, where residents cultivated fertile land in the hinterland and produced mainly olive oil and wine, as well as bred sheep and goats. At the end of the 19th century the development of shipbuilding and tourism has begun, and today Punat is very popular tourist destination especially in nautical tourism because in this large and well-protected bay is the oldest and one of the largest marinas on the east coast of the Adriatic sea. Beside 3 hotels, Punat offers high-quality accommodation in private apartments, rooms, and holiday homes. Within Punat bay is a well-maintained public beach suitable for children and the elderly. To ...

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...the south and the newer part of town, there are beautiful small pebble beaches, where each guest or family will always find a free place. In the center of Punat bay is a picturesque small island of Košljun, and on it is Franciscan monastery from the 15th century, which keeps the valuable ethnographic and zoological collection. You can reach Košljun by taxi boats or organized excursions. From other tours, we recommend scenic boat trips and a ride to the hidden beaches and bays that are accessible only from the sea. From sports and recreational facilities, Punat offers tennis courts, table tennis, bowling, water sports, diving, boat rental, and many hiking paths and biking trails. Visit the island of Krk, Punat bay and beautiful Punat and spend the holiday in a quiet and natural environment of the island Krk. Search for cheap private accommodation in Punat. Apartments, rooms, and holiday homes cheaper up to 40%, without high agency fees. Welcome to Punat!