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Malinska is a tourist resort and seat of the municipality of Omišalj on the island Krk in Primorje-Gorski Kotar county in Croatia. It is situated along the northwestern coast of the island in a vast natural and wooded bay. From the Krk bridge, Malinska is 15 km away and from the town of Krk and Rijeka Airport it is 12 km away, which makes it very accessible tourist destination. This wooded area of Dubašnica began to be settled in the 15th century, at the instigation of the Frankopan family. In the 18th century, Malinska with the neighboring port of Porat is becoming an important port on the island Krk from which are exported products of this rural region, primarily wood and olive oil, and other agricultural and livestock products. In the early seventies, the construction of a tourist complex Haludovo accelerated the development of the town. Although today Haludovo is not working at full capacity, Malinska is still a very attractive destination for tourists from around the world with its natural beauty, pleasant and mild micro-climat...

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...e and lush vegetation surrounding it. Friendly hosts offer quality and comfortable accommodation in apartments, rooms and holiday homes. The crystal clear sea and many pebble beaches guarantee relaxing holidays in the sun and sea. All this makes Malinska ideal for families with small children. The top spot of the town is beach Rupa, proud holder of blue flag as recognition of clean sea and beach. Besides, other beaches like Riu, Rova, and Malin also adorn this wooded bay. Around Malinska, there is over 50 km of walking trails that are suitable for cyclists, and via them neighboring Njivice, Dobrinj or even the city of Krk can be reached. From Malinska daily trips to the neighboring island of Cres, or panoramic rides to Glavotok or Krk bridge are organized. In the evening you can enjoy concerts of classical and traditional music which are usually held in the atrium of the Franciscan monastery, or other locations. Visit the island of Krk and Malinska, this picturesque and peaceful place where you can spend a completely relaxed vacation. Search for cheap private accommodation in Malinska. Apartments, rooms and holiday homes for rent in Malinska on the island Krk. Welcome to Malinska!