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Čižići is a small place on the island of Krk in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar county. It is located within the deep natural bay of Soline on the northeastern part of the island of Krk. Administratively, it belongs to the municipality of Dobrinj and has only about a hundred inhabitants. Soline bay is very specific because it is very shallow and the change and fluctuation of the sea are very weak. The sea inside the bay is much warmer than the sea outside the bay and thus suitable for swimming in the autumn and spring months. At the bottom of the bay of Soline is the famous sandy beach Meline, which is known for its healing mud that helps treat gout and skin diseases. The beach is ideal for sports activities like "picigin" (beach game), beach volleyball... The old part of the place was originally located a hundred meters from the coast on a small hill, but a few decades ago the place expanded all the way to the sea thanks to tourist development. During the Middle Ages, the entire area of ​​Soline bay (Čižići, Soline, and Klimno) w...

Krk - Čižići

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YouTube video inhabited thanks to the salt pans held by the noble Frankopan family. Until the advent of tourism, the inhabitants of Čižići were mainly engaged in animal husbandry, but lately, they are mainly engaged in tourism and renting rooms, apartments and holiday homes. Čižići, as well as the entire bay of Soline, is ideal for all those who like to spend their holidays in peace and quiet and without too much noise and large crowds in more famous tourist destinations. It is also suitable for families with children because of the sandy beaches, a shallow and warm sea of ​​Soline bay. Nearby is a famous tourist attraction - the beautiful cave Biserujka, which is about a hundred meters long and rich in cave decorations (stalagmites and stalactites) and is arranged for tourists to visit. Numerous cycling and hiking trails pass through the entire island of Krk for all those who like active holidays and relaxation in nature walks. You can find accommodation in Čižići in numerous apartments, rooms and holiday homes as part of private family accommodation. We wish you a pleasant stay in this small and peaceful oasis on the island of Krk!