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Selce is a small tourist town in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County in Croatia. It is situated by the sea in a picturesque bay near Crikvenica, to which it administratively belongs. It was first mentioned in the 14th century as part of Bribir parish under the administration of the Frankopan family. During the Middle Ages, the inhabitants of Selce were mainly engaged in agriculture and cattle breeding, and the place was known for its many vineyards, which are grown on the slopes of the hills above the town. Later, gradually developed fisheries and maritime affairs, and from the late 19th-century tourism. Today tourism takes a leading role thanks to its long tradition, natural beauty, clean air, and sea. Accommodation is available in hotels, camps, but also in affordable private accommodation where friendly hosts will do everything to make your vacation as carefree as possible. Worth visiting is the parish church of St. Catherine from the late 19th century, which was built in the Gothic style. The beautiful and well-kept beaches extend al...


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YouTube video the full length of coastline to the north, all the way to Crikvenica. Along with the beaches along the coast stretches a beautiful promenade that connects Selce with the nearby Crikvenica to which you can walk. Selce is full of beautifully decorated and well-kept parks, so it is no surprise that was the winner of the Blue Flower as the best-kept tourist resort on the Adriatic. Visit Selce, contact directly the owners of the apartments, rooms and holiday homes and have a perfect family vacation in this little Adriatic paradise. Search for cheap accommodation in Selce. Welcome to Selce!