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Pula is the largest city in Istria county, which is located on the southwest coast of the Istrian peninsula in a well-protected natural bay. It has about 55,000 residents. The history of the settlement of Pula and the surrounding area reaches far into the past, even to the 10th century BC. The first settlement was founded by the ancient Illyrian tribe Histri. From the 2nd century BC, Pula was ruled by the Romans and it was rapidly developing. Many impressive buildings, temples, and monuments were built during that time. Pula was also a very important trade and maritime center of the northern Adriatic. During the Middle Ages, the city slowly began declining, and during that time it was looted several times. In the 19th century Pula returned its former glory and it was rapidly developing, becoming a major Austrian naval base and a major shipbuilding center. Today besides shipbuilding and food processing industry, tourism is also developing in Pula. Tourists from around the world are attracted by rich historical heritage and beautiful su...


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...rroundings full of small bays, beaches, and clear seawater. Accommodation can be found in hotels and campsites, but also many residents of Pula offer quality accommodation in apartments and rooms inside their homes. From historical monuments, the Pula Arena (Roman amphitheater) is the most visited city attraction. In the Pula Arena gladiator fights were held, and today it is used for concerts, performances, and festivals. The Temple of Augustus, Triumphal Arch (Golden gate), and Forum, the central square of classical and medieval Pula, date back to the Roman times. After visiting the historic center, refreshment can be found on many beaches. We recommend the nearby Soline bay and Pješčana bay, beautiful sandy beaches with very clear water. The city is full of cultural and entertainment events and summer concerts, so you will never be bored. There is an interesting daily excursion to Brijuni National Park, which is just about half an hour boat ride from Pula waterfront. Visit this ancient city in Istria and spend your vacations surrounded by preserved historical heritage, beautiful nature, and the pleasant Mediterranean climate. Find private accommodation in Pula, Croatia. Contact directly owners of apartments, rooms and holiday homes and save up to 40% on expensive agency fees. Welcome to Pula!

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The Pula amphitheater
The Pula amphitheater