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Vodnjan is a small town in the county of Istria in Croatia. It is located in the southwest of the Istrian peninsula, in the interior, about ten kilometers north of Pula. It has about 6,000 inhabitants, and the municipality of Vodnjan includes Peroj, Barbariga, and Galižana. According to legend, Vodnjan was created when seven villas joined together, which were part of colonial Pula, and founded the settlement and gained independence from Pula. During the Middle Ages, Vodnjan was under Venetian rule, and after the fall of Venice in the late 18th century, it came under French, Austrian and then finally the Croatian government. The entire region of Vodnjan is rich in fertile soil, so the inhabitants were traditionally engaged in agriculture, olive and wine production and cattle breeding, which remained to the present day. Tourism is developing slowly, and accommodation in Vodnjan can be found in apartments, rooms, holiday homes, and rural households as part of private family accommodation. The historical core of the town has preserved it...


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...s distinctive medieval appearance with narrow cobbled streets that wind irregularly between the houses and stone facades. In the center is the church of St. Blaža in which is a world-famous collection of relics and Vodnjan mummies of saints. Vodnjan offers many cycling paths and hiking trails for all nature lovers. Traditional Istrian specialties are served in local taverns and restaurants or on the surrounding rural households (agrotourism). The beaches and the sea are not far away, and the nearest beach is located in Peroj, which is only 8 kilometers away. Visit Vodnjan, this calm and quiet Istrian town, full of interesting monuments and beautiful nature that surrounds it. Search for private accommodation in Vodnjan. Contact directly owners of apartments, rooms and holiday homes in Vodnjan and save up to 40% on expensive agency fees. Welcome to Vodnjan!