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Krapina Krapina is a town and seat of the Krapina-Zagorje county in Croatia. It is located in the center of the Croatian Zagorje on the river Krapinčica. It got its name from Krapinčica river, which once abounded in freshwater fish carp called krap. Croatian Zagorje is a historical Croatian region, which is situated in the northwest of Croatia north of the city of Zagreb, rich with hills, forests, and fields. The history of human occupation in the area of ​​Krapina goes back to the distant past of about 100,000 years, as evidenced by the remains of Neanderthal man on the hill Hušnjakovo in the west part of Krapina. The first written documents referred to Krapina is from the 12th century as a royal fortress with the settlement around it. Later became the property of the noble family Keglević, and today it is a modern town and the cultural, political and administrative center of Krapina-Zagorje county. Tourism is slowly developing thanks to the diverse cultural and historical offer. Accommodation in Krapina can be found in several hostels, rooms, and apartments within a private family accommodation. From historic sites, we must highlight the historic urban core of the city, which has been preserved to this day. Especially beautiful is the church of Our Lady of Jerusalem, which is one of the most beautiful Baroque churches in Croatia, Krapina town gallery and the birth house of Ljudevit Gaj - the founder of the Croatian National Revival.
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Near Krapina is the Krapina Neanderthal Museum, which is also the world's most famous Neanderthal man Here you can visit one of the wine roads of this vineyard-rich region, you can hike to the nearby peak Strahinščica at 618 m above sea level, or you can try your hand at paragliding tandem and experience the fairy tale of the Croatian Zagorje and Krapina from the air We invite you to visit this interesting region of Croatia, book accommodation directly with the owners of apartments and rooms and save up to 40% Search for cheap private accommodation in Krapina and the surrounding area Apartments, rooms and holiday homes in Krapina Welcome to Krapina!

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