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Korčula - Korčula Korčula is a historic fortified town on the protected east coast of the island of Korčula. The old town is surrounded by walls and old stone streets are arranged so as to allow free circulation of air, but at the same time to protect against strong winds. Korčula is built as a strong fortress on a promontory that guards the narrow strait between the islands of Korčula and Pelješac peninsula. Building outside the walls was forbidden until the 18th century when passed the danger of attacks on the city. Citys historic sites include the central cathedral of St Mark (built-in Romanesque-Gothic style in 1301 to 1806), a Franciscan monastery with a beautiful Venetian Gothic cloister from the 15th century, the town hall, the palace of the former Venetian governors, then the palace of the local commercial royalty from 15th and 16th centuries and massive city walls and towers. One of the biggest tourist attraction is the birthplace of the largest and most famous travelers and explorers of all time - Marco Polo, who was born in 1254 in the old town of Korčula. The town of Korčula has a total of 5,634 inhabitants. The people of Korčula is still keeping alive old folk church ceremonies and dance with swords - the famous Moreška, dating back to the Middle Ages. In the past Moreška was danced only on special occasions, but nowadays this dance is held twice a week, mostly for curious tourists. In addition to hotel accommodation town of Korčula offers much cheaper accommodation in private homes. Search for affordable apartments and rooms in Korčula.
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Korčula - Korčula

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