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Hvar is a city, a famous tourist center and port on the island of Hvar, Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia. It is home to nearly 4,000 residents, making it the largest settlement on the island of Hvar. It is situated in a picturesque natural bay on the south side of the island, facing the sun and the sea, which gave him Mediterranean attraction and cheerfulness. The name comes from the Greek word PHAROS - as the ancient Greeks called the island of Hvar. The city has a long and distinguished history as a commercial and cultural center of this part of the Adriatic. It gained glory and power during the 13th and 18th centuries as an important port and naval base with strong city walls and fortress when it used to be part of the famous Venetian Republic. The cultural life of Hvar has developed as a consequence of economic prosperity and a highly developed trade. So when you visit the town of Hvar, we strongly recommend visiting the fortress Fortica, the Hvar cathedral, theater, and Franciscan Monastery. Today the city is an exclusive tourist d...

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...estination full of high-class hotels, high-quality apartments, and rooms in private houses, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs and friendly hosts. A special part of Hvar tourist offer is untouched and hidden coves around the town which can be reached by car, bicycle or walking along the sea. We recommend you to visit Pakleni islands, which are just a few minutes of pleasant ride away with the excursion boats or taxi boats. The town is a popular port and a safe haven for boats and yachts throughout the year, especially in summer months. Visit Hvar and be part of the history of this hidden jewel of the Mediterranean. Accommodation in Hvar. Apartments, rooms and cheap private accommodation in the town of Hvar on the island of Hvar! Welcome!

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