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Kanfanar (Canfanaro) is a small village and the seat of the municipality in the western part of the Istrian peninsula. Kanfanar was first mentioned in the 11th century, and became a municipal center only at the beginning of the 18th century, after its entire history was under the administration of the medieval town of Dvigrad. Kanfanar flourished at the end of the 19th century with the construction of the railway to Pula and the branch to Rovinj, and became an important traffic hub. Thanks to the excellent road and railway connections and the proximity of the main junction of the Istrian Y motorway, you can easily explore the entire Istrian peninsula from Kanfanar. Kanfanar consists of 22 settlements and here lives total of about 1500 inhabitants. Town of Rovinj, ie the coast, is 18 kilometers away, and the Adriatic sea, ie Lim Bay, is only 10 kilometers away. Kanfanar is known as the municipality of the Istrian ox and fuži. The Istrian ox is one of the symbols of the whole of Istria because in the past it was extremely important for...


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... the Istrian peasant, and in Kanfanar this tradition is still preserved. Fuži is the queen of Istrian pasta and has a long tradition and is an indispensable ingredient in many Istrian dishes and specialties. Among the tourist attractions we can single out the medieval town of Dvigrad, a significant landscape and a special reserve Lim bay, archeological sites Kašteljir and Maklavun and the parish church of St. Sylvester in the center of Kanfanar. The whole area of ​​Kanfanar and its surroundings abounds in numerous bicycle and hiking trails. Accommodation in Kanfanar can be found in private accommodation; apartments, rooms and holiday homes. Holiday homes with swimming pools are very popular in this area that allow you a carefree vacation away from the tourist crowds, noise and smog. The climate is very pleasant and mild Mediterranean with 2300 hours of sunshine a year. Visit the Kanfanar area and enjoy the green interior of Istria!