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Nedešćina is a small town and municipality in Istria in Croatia. It is located on a small plateau above the Raša river valley, in the hinterland of Labin, at about 300 meters above sea level. The sea is only ten kilometers away, in Rabac so that this unique area is in some way link between the green and blue Istria. The village has about 600 inhabitants, but in the whole municipality lives about 3,000 inhabitants. The history of this region, as well as the whole area, is long and turbulent because of its favorable geographic position and fertile land. Area Nedešćina is inhabited since the Bronze Age when in this area, ​​Illyrian-Celtic tribes built prehistoric ruins on the hills. During the Middle Ages, this area was the estate of various noble families from Germany, Patriarch of Aquileia and Venetians. The real development of this area become from the early days of mining in the 19th century under French and then Austrian rule. Today, the area Nedešćina is developed and very attractive to tourists because of the numerous o...


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...pportunities for active recreation on the cycling paths and hiking trails, and exploring nature and ancient ruins. In Nedešćina and its surrounding are offered various forms of private accommodation; from agritourism and rural houses to luxury apartments. Sea and beautiful beaches of the tourist town of Rabac is only 10 kilometers away, so this is the right place for families, hikers, and adventurers who want to spend their holidays in peace, quiet and natural environment of the green interior of Istria, but still close to the Adriatic sea. Do not forget to taste some of the Istrian specialties such as asparagus, truffles, Istrian ham, and seafood specialties, which you can try in a couple of local restaurants and taverns. Close to Nedešćina is a place called Dubrova, where Mediterranean sculpture symposium is held during August and September. In Dubrova is a sculpture park, where artists are creating sculptures of white Vinkuran (Istria) stone, serving as a museum and an international center of sculpture in the open. We invite you to visit Nedešćina, this beautiful small Istrian town where you can spend a quiet and carefree holiday with nature sounds and tantalizing flavors of Istrian cuisine. Search for apartments, rooms and holiday homes in Nedešćina and surroundings and save up to 40% on expensive agency fees. Search for cheap private accommodation in Nedešćina and its surroundings. Welcome to Nedešćina!