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Đakovo is a small town located in the heart of the historic province of Slavonia in eastern Croatia. It belongs administratively to Osijek-Baranja County and is the second-largest city in that county after Osijek. Đakovo has just under 30,000 inhabitants. The history of Đakovo begins in the 11th century with a grant from the Croatian-Hungarian prince Koloman to the Bosnian bishop Ponsi, thus making the bishops masters of Đakovo and the surrounding area. This is when the history of the Diocese of Đakovo begins, which became the Episcopal City and the seat of the Archdiocese of Đakovo. The center of Đakovo is Strossmayer's square, bounded by the cathedral, the curia, the corse, the bishop's court, and the seminary. The most important monument of the city is the impressive Đakovo Cathedral-Basilica of St. Peter, which is also a symbol of the city. The building of the cathedral lasted for 16 years, from 1866 - 1882 and was initiated by Bishop Strossmayer. Behind the cathedral is a beautifully landscaped large park called the Stros...


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...smayer park, where the widely known Đakovački vezovi are held each year (a traditional international folklore festival lasting 2 weeks in late June and early July). The pedestrian street in the old town, which extends from the cathedral to All Saints Church, is called Korzo and is a daily meeting place for citizens and tourists. There is also a very interesting Museum of Đakovo, which holds several valuable collections on the history of Đakovo and this part of Slavonia. One of the tourist attractions of Đakovo is the Đakovo Farm of noble Lipizzaner horses, one of the oldest in Europe. Đakovo has many interesting events throughout the year, the most important being New Year's Eve, Đakovački vezovi, Đakovacki rezovi, Đakovo bušari, Half of the New Year, Festival of old town dances and songs, Ivan's crosses, Festival of church singing, Đakovo meetings of Croatian literary critics ... Certainly, a great invitation for all tourists to visit this beautiful city in the heart of Slavonia, which will captivate you with its charm. You can find accommodation in Đakovo in a growing number of apartments and rooms within family accommodation, and in direct contact with private renters, you can get to know the customs and culture of this city. Welcome to Đakovo!

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