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Vukovar is the largest Croatian river port on the Danube river. It is situated on the east of continental Croatia at the confluence of the Vuka river into the Danube. Vukovar is the administrative, economic and cultural center of the Vukovar-Srijem county. It was recorded almost 5000 years-long histories of continuous habitation, found in the numerous archaeological sites. Vučedol culture from the Copper Age is particularly important and is named after the site Vučedol which is located a few kilometers from Vukovar. Probably the most famous ceramic vessel with archaeological excavations is Vučedol dove historical symbol of the city of Vukovar. After the old culture and the Romans, this area in the 9th century was inhabited by Croats. In the 18th and 19th centuries, large estates are bought by a German noble family, the Counts of Eltz. Today in the Castle of the Counts of Eltz is placed city museum with many exhibits depicting the past of Vukovar from prehistoric times to the present. Historic baroque center of Vukovar, which gives ...


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...the city a specific vision is recognizable by houses with baroque arches built in the typical style of Maria Theresa provincial baroque. The center is protected as an urban historical unit. In the warmer months, you can visit Ada, sandy island on the Danube, which is a popular swimming place for all residents of Vukovar, only 5 minutes away by boat from the center of Vukovar. In the city, you can enjoy the many cultural and entertainment events, and in the restaurants, you can try the gastronomic specialties of this region. Visit the town of Vukovar, find affordable private accommodation and experience the magic of this interesting continental Croatian town. Search for private accommodation in Vukovar. Apartments, rooms and holiday homes in Vukovar. Welcome to Vukovar!

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