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Vinkovci is a town located in the extreme east of Croatia in the Vukovar-Srijem County. It is located in the Bosut Lowland on the Bosut river, 20 kilometers west of the town of Vukovar. It is an important hub because here is passing a highway and railroad linking Western and Southeastern Europe. Vinkovci has about 30,000 inhabitants. Vinkovci is one of the longest inhabited cities in this part of Europe, and this was confirmed by numerous archaeological researches in the area of Vinkovci. Archeological researches have shown the existence of a Neolithic culture since 7,000 years ago. With its exceptionally rich historical and cultural heritage, which make this area interesting, Vinkovci with its surroundings has also developed a varied and comprehensive tourist offer. Particularly popular is rural tourism in the surrounding villages: Otok, Ivankovo, Rokovci, Andrijaševci, Lipovac, and many others villages in the beautiful and idyllic setting of the Slavonian plains and centuries-old oak forests. In addition to intact nature and rel...


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...axation in silence, walks, hunting and fishing, guests and tourists can engage in rural affairs with their hosts and enjoy famous Slavonian specialties. Most of the villages have preserved their original look, folk customs, and cheerful Slavonian songs. In addition to rural tourism, hunting and fishing tourism are also important, due to the richness of wild animals in the surrounding forests of Spačva and freshwater fish in numerous rivers and lakes. Certainly, the largest and most famous folklore, cultural, economic and tourist manifestation in Vinkovci is the Vinkovci Autumn, which is held for more than three and a half decades every September. The event is attended by folklore groups from all parts of Croatia, as well as by numerous guests from neighboring countries of Europe and even America. Apart from the hotel in the center of town, you can find accommodation in Vinkovci in numerous apartments and rooms as part of the private family accommodation. Especially attractive are local farms where you can see and experience how once people lived in this part of Croatia. Contact directly the owners of private accommodation in Vinkovci and save up to 40% on expensive agency fees. Welcome to Vinkovci!

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