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Ploče Ploče is a small modern harbor town in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, where according to the latest census lives 10. 834 inhabitants. The town is situated in a protected bay north of the mouth of the river Neretva in the Adriatic Sea, and as such is an ideal seaport for transport and logistics operations. Ploče ports primary seaport used by Bosnia and Herzegovina. Tourism, unlike in other coastal towns on the Adriatic coast doesn't have great significance, but there are all preconditions for the development of tourism because of the proximity of river Neretva and beautiful Baćina lakes. Neretva valley is a very attractive area for hunting mainly on birds. Fishing and agriculture, particularly the production of citrus fruits is the main occupation of local residents. Baćina lakes are relatively small and consist of six connected and one separate lake and are among the most interesting phenomena in karst hydrography. When you visit Ploče or if you are just passing through the town, we recommend you to stay in a quality private accommodation (apartments and rooms) and discover and enjoy the natural beauty of the Neretva Delta and Baćina lakes. Private accommodation Ploče. Welcome to the town of Ploce!.

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