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Gračac Gračac is a small town and municipality in Lika in Croatia. It is located in a wide valley in the southern part of Lika, at the crossroads from Gospić to Knin, Obrovac, and Zadar to Dalmatia. From Dalmatia, it is separated by Velebit mountain range, which is the natural border between Dalmatia and Lika, and the Mediterranean and continental climate. Municipality Gračac is the largest municipality in Croatia with almost 1,000 km2, with a total population of 4500 inhabitants. In the Middle Ages, the area of ​​Gračac was a Croatian noble parish Otuča, which fell after the Turkish conquest. After liberation from the Turks in the 18th century, the place is slowly developing by the building of roads and railway lines which connected Dalmatia with the rest of Croatia. In recent years Gračac is experiencing economic recovery, in particular with developing tourism and eco-healthy food production. Accommodation is offered in high-quality and well-equipped apartments, rooms and holiday homes. Natural sites which are worth visit are: Velebit Nature Park, Cerovačke caves, which are the largest cave complex in Croatia and karst beauty river Zrmanja and its source. It is ideal for a peaceful and quiet holiday, away from urban smog and big crowds, as well as for active holidays and all lovers of nature and healthy food. Do not miss a visit to local restaurants, where you can try the specialties of this region, among which is the delicious lamb.
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