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Plitvice lakes

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Plitvice lakes Plitvice lakes are the largest, oldest and most popular Croatian national park. It is located in the far northeast Lika between the mountains of Mala Kapela in the west and Plješevica in the east. The lakes are named after a small village and small river Plitvice which flows into the Plitvice lakes on the bottom and the final part where is falling down the 80-meter high rock, forming the spectacular Great waterfall. The park consists of 16 interconnected lakes, countless waterfalls that were created over thousands of years by deposition of travertine, and the whole process is still taking place today. The park is located between 400 and 1,300 meters above sea level, and it is characterized by a rich and diverse flora and fauna. Here lives all large European carnivores wolf, lynx and bear, as well as many other species of mammals, birds, fish, and amphibians. More than 70% of the park is covered with dense ancient forests of beech and fir, and the rest are meadows and small settlements. Thanks to all this, the Plitvice lakes are protected by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage since 1979. The park is inhabited since ancient times in small villages and hamlets that have remained inhabited until today. Main villages are: Jezerce, Plitvički Ljeskovac, Plitvice village, Poljanak, Rastovača, and their inhabitants are offering comfortable and quality accommodation in their private family houses. Plitvice lakes are ideal for nature lovers and active holiday lovers because, in addition to long walks on well-maintained wooden walkways along the lake, you can hike, ride a bike on many trails in the area.
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You can also visit the underground world of Barać's caves in the nearby Rakovica village Visit Plitvice lakes this jewel of nature and spend holidays in unspoiled nature, pristine wilderness and the murmur of countless waterfalls Search for affordable private accommodation in Plitvice lakes Apartments, rooms and holiday homes in Plitvice lakes cheaper up to 40%, without expensive agency fees Welcome to Plitvice lakes National Park

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Plitvice lakes

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