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Slunj - Rastoke Slunj is a small town in the county of Karlovac in Croatia. It is located in a hilly part of the central Croatia, where are flowing rivers Slunjčica and Korana, along the main road leading to the Plitvice Lakes and the central and southern Adriatic. It was first mentioned in the 15th century when it was built the old town and the fortress on a rocky hill above the river Slunjčica. The old town was the center of Croatian feudal estate from Frankopan family. The city today has a population of 2000 inhabitants who are mostly engaged in agriculture, handicrafts and environmentally clean industry, and because of its natural beauty, is rapidly developing tourism. Accommodation facilities are mainly private within the apartments, rooms and holiday homes that offer friendly and hospitable residents. Probably the biggest attraction of Slunj is the picturesque lower part of town Rastoke, where the river Slunjčica built numerous waterfalls. Here are well-preserved old mills from the 18th century that still work and grind grain into flour. In this small area are situated 22 mills, which you can visit, and some of them have been transformed into restaurants that offer excellent local food and wine. Because of long history, ethnographic and architecture remains, Rastoke was in 1969 registered as a cultural monument and are under protection. Nearby you can also visit the source of emerald green river Slunjčica, impressive underground world of the Barać caves and the old Roman fortress Cetin.
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