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Brač - Povlja

Povlja is a village on the north side of the island of Brač in Croatia. The place itself is in a deep natural harbor, surrounded by many other deep natural harbors and bays. Due to its protected location is a popular destination and anchorage for many boaters. Povlja is proud of its long and rich cultural heritage, which goes back into the history up to the Roman Empire times. The church of St. John the Baptist was built on the site of an early Christian basilica from the 5th century. Its name derives from the Latin adjective Paulie (vallis) or in the translation: possessions of the Roman citizen Paulianusa. In Povlja lives about 365 inhabitants, who are engaged in agriculture, fishing, stone processing, and tourism. Many locals have launched their own family business by renting apartments in the old stone houses. The overall offer of accommodation is based on quality service in private rooms and apartments. The entire region of Povlja exudes peace and tranquility and is, therefore, an ideal place to spend a relaxing family vacation....

Brač - Povlja

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... Spend your vacation in Povlja and charge your batteries in this oasis of peace and tranquility and get to know your friendly hosts who will offer their homemade wine and other Brač specialties. Accommodation in Povlja. Apartments, rooms and private accommodation in Povlja and the surrounding area. Welcome to Povlja on the island of Brač!