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Brač - Selca and Sumartin

Selce is a village in the southeastern part of the island of Brač, and the center of the municipality of Selce. Municipality of Selce consists of the village of Novo Selo, Sumartin, Povlja and Selački villages. Located in the interior of the island, about 1 km from the sea, Selce is famous for their homemade food (lamb, cheese, wine, honey) and a rich variety of charming restaurants and high-quality apartments and holiday homes. Sumartin is a picturesque small town situated in one of the bays of the southeast side of the island and is located only 3 kilometers from Selce. It was founded in 1646 when refugees from the Makarska coast landed in the bay fleeing from the Turks. Residents have since then been devoted to fishing, trading, and shipbuilding. Even today operates a small shipyard. Today, in Sumartin live 620 inhabitants and economic occupations are farming, viticulture, olive growing, fishing and tourism. Sumartin is very well connected to the mainland with ferry line Sumartin - Makarska which goes 5 times a day during the to...

Brač - Selca and Sumartin

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...urist season. Nearby Sumartin there are several peaceful and secluded bays (Rasotica, Zukovik, Radovnja, Studena, Zvirje, and Spilice) with sand and pebble beaches. Plenty of sun, beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters are an irresistible draw for all visitors of Sumartin. Preserved nature, rich cuisine, and hospitality guarantee the quality of holidays spent here. Apartments, rooms, cheap private accommodation in Selce and Sumartin. Welcome to Selce and Sumartin on the island of Brač!