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Jasenovac is a peaceful place and the seat of the municipality in Sisak-Moslavina county in Croatia. It is situated in the far southeastern part of Sisak-Moslavina county in the spacious Pannonian plain surrounded by rivers Trebež, Sava, and Una. Sisak is almost 70 kilometers away and the village has a population of 800 inhabitants. Thanks to its natural resources, fertile land, and dense oak and ash forests inhabitants of Jasenovac is mainly engaged in agriculture, cattle breeding, and forestry. Tourism is slowly developing because almost the entire area of ​​the municipality is located in the Nature Park Lonjsko polje, which is the largest protected wetland area in the Danube basin. Here you can see a lot of wild and domestic animals, endangered species of birds, as well as the traditional wooden architecture of the old houses. This area is a true gourmet paradise if you love dishes made from freshwater fish. Despite the natural beauty, Jasenovac is probably best known for Jasenovac Memorial, which is one of the greatest monume...


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...nts of the Holocaust and the genocide of World War 2 in Croatia. Visit Jasenovac, offer your respects to the victims of fascism and enjoy the rich flora and fauna that surrounds it. Search for affordable private accommodation in Jasenovac and the surrounding area. Apartments rooms and holiday homes in Jasenovac. Welcome to Jasenovac!

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