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Lovinac is a small place and the center of the municipality in Lika-Senj County. It is located in the southeast of Lika and the largest Croatian karst field, Lika field. The municipality of Lovinac has 10 settlements (Gornja Ploča, Kik, Ličko Cerje, Lovinac, Raduč, Ričice, Smokrić, Sveti Rok, Štikada, Vranik) with a total population of slightly more than 1000 inhabitants. The population is traditionally engaged in agriculture (growing Lika potatoes) and livestock. Recently, tourism has been developing thanks to its natural beauty, mountains, clean rivers, and lakes, untouched landscape, healthy food, and numerous types of medicinal and aromatic plants. The biggest natural attraction is the Velebit Nature Park and the Velebit Mountain, which rises above Lika in the length of 145 km. Immediately above Lovinac rise the highest Velebit peaks, Sveto Brdo (1753 m above sea level) and Babin Vrh (1744 m above sea level). The whole area is ideal for all lovers of nature, fresh air, and active holidays. The whole area is also connected by...


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... four bike paths, and numerous hiking trails lead to the Velebit peaks. Other interesting places in this area include the natural (karst) and artificial lakes Štikada and Sveti Rok, then the Japod forts: Cvituša and Rukavinska gradina, the Turkish tower in Vranik, the Zdunić tower in Smokrić from 1744, and the Travić mill in Lovinac from the 19th century. A very interesting event - Lika Potato Day, is traditionally held at the end of September in Lovinac. In addition to potatoes, the traditional product of this region is Lika cheese, which you can buy at numerous family farms. Due to the proximity of the Zagreb-Split highway, the whole area is very accessible, and the sea and the first beaches are only 40 kilometers or about 20 minutes easy drive. You can find accommodation exclusively in private apartments, rooms and holiday homes where you will be hosted by friendly hosts. Visit Lovinac, Lika and discover the secrets of this as yet undiscovered corner of Croatia and experience the pristine beauty of life in nature under Velebit, so close to the sea.

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