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Perušić is a picturesque small town and municipality in Lika, Croatia. It is located in the central part of Lika, at the foot of the longest Croatian mountain of Velebit, at 600 meters above sea level. Perušić in its present form is formed at the turn of the 16th and 17th century when this area was located on the borderline between the Ottoman Empire and Croatia, which was then a part of the Austrian Empire. It was founded by brothers Dominik and Gašpar Perušić, descendants from a noble family from Dalmatia. Perušić was named after their last name. After the termination of the Turkish threat in the late 18th and 19th century, Perušić started developing - schools, forestry, post office, and railways were built. Today Perušić has about 1,500 inhabitants who are mostly engaged in agriculture and forestry. Tourism started developing slowly thanks to its unique location close to 3 national parks. Also, Perušić is surrounded by a mighty mountain of Velebit, very clean river Lika and the lake Krušćica. Friendly hosts offer a...


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...ccommodation in apartments, rooms and holiday homes, where you can enjoy a pleasant mountain environment. When in Perušić, do not forget to visit the medieval Gothic parish church of Holy Cross and Old Town Perušić, one of the best-preserved defense fortifications in Lika. Nearby Perušić, you can enjoy many activities such as hiking on Velebit, boating on the lake Krušćica, research underworld in Grabovača cave or you can visit a unique old stone Kosinj bridge from the 19th century on the river Lika. All gourmets and gastronomes will enjoy food in local restaurants that offer authentic peasant and traditional specialties such as lamb on a spit, potatoes, sauerkraut with smoked meat, Lika pots, Lika škripavac cheese, and fresh trout. Visit Perušić and surroundings where you will spend the holiday in the clean mountain environment with clean air, and delicious food of Lika. Search for cheap private accommodation in Perušić. Apartments, rooms and holiday homes in Perušić cheaper up to 40%, without expensive agency fees. Welcome to Perušić!