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Welcome to Metković, the second largest city of Dubrovnik-Neretva County, which is located along the banks of the Neretva river near the state border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Metković is the administrative, economic and cultural center of the Neretva valley. The town was first mentioned in a court document from 1422 as a small agricultural place. It was like that until the nineteenth century when the city begins its rapid development thanks to the construction of the post office and school, as well as the increased volume of trade with the Ottoman Empire. 1875 Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I visited the city, and one of the first hotels on the Adriatic was a hotel Austria which opened in Metković back in 1890. It can be concluded that the Metković even then offered its passengers and guests interesting content, and now, of course, offers more and more. The development of tourism includes private renters who offer accommodation in apartments and rooms in their private homes at an affordable price. Metković, as well as the enti...


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YouTube video Neretva valley, is an area rich in different plant and animal species. Despite draining a swamp for the needs of farmers, a wealth of fauna especially birds in several ornithological reserves remains preserved. Rich cultural, historical and natural heritage and gastronomy will delight every tourist. Every day is organized tours with a boat through a multitude of channels and backwaters of the Neretva river. You will enjoy the kindness and hospitality of the inhabitants of Metković. Private accommodation Metković. Welcome to Metković, the city on the Neretva river!