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Gospić Gospić is a city and the seat of Lika-Senj county and Gospić-Senj Diocese in Croatia. It is located in the Croatian highlands, in the central part of the historical region of Lika at the foot of the Velebit mountain at 562 meters above sea level. In the historical sources, Gospić was mentioned for the first time as a settlement in its current form in the early 17th century under the name of Gospojina. Then it was a small village which has several times been abandoned because of the constant Turkish threat and robbery. After the termination of the Turkish threat in the late 18th and the 19th century, Gospić is rapidly developing and becoming administrative center of Lika. Today Gospić has about 12,000 inhabitants, who are mostly engaged in agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry, and recently is being developed tourism thanks to the untouched nature, rich flora, and fauna, rich and varied Lika cuisine. Accommodation can be found in several guest houses, and in quality private accommodation, which is offered by hospitable hosts. Do not forget to visit the Museum of Lika with an interesting collection of Lika traditional culture and the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary from the 18th century. Nearby Gospić are many opportunities to spend your vacation actively in nature. Some of them are abseiling, trekking, paintball, jeep safari, horseback riding, walking, hiking on Velebit mountain, canoe safaris, sailing boats in the canyon of Lika and the lake Krušćica, caving adventure and many others. One of the curiosities of Gospić is the nearby village of Smiljan, where was born one of the greatest inventors of the twentieth century, Nikola Tesla.
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Today in Smiljan is established a memorial center in his honor Visit Gospić, this beautiful little town and spend a holiday in a unique harmony between civilization and wild and untouched nature Search for private accommodation in Gospić and its surroundings Apartments, rooms and holiday homes in Gospić cheaper by up to 40% without expensive agency fees Welcome to Gospić!

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