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Blato is a charming little town located in the center of the island of Korčula, 40 km from the town of Korčula. The city was built in amphitheater form on several hills around a small central valley. Known for its main street Zlinje, a long avenue of dense trees in which are situated all important public buildings such as schools, hotels, banks, shops, municipal building, medical center. There is a beautiful city park that provides thick shade during the summer months. To all visitors, Blato offers a variety of content and services and accommodation in numerous apartments in private family houses. The climate in Blato is similar to the climate of all island of Korčula and is characterized by long, dry and hot summers and short, mild and wet winters. Average temperatures never drop below 10° C in January and February, while in the summer months, on average is above 20° C. Blato was named after a neighboring field that was flooded regularly during heavy rains. After 1911 the field was drained and was created a small lake that dries...

Korčula - Blato

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... up during the summer. During its long history, the economy was oriented around the production of agricultural products, especially wine. Olive oil, wine, carob and fig trees are the most important products. Recently, tourism and renting apartments and houses have an important role in the income of the local population. Apartments and holiday homes in Blato - Korčula. Welcome to Blato on the island of Korčula!