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Orebić is a port city of sailors and a famous tourist destination in Dubrovnik-Neretva County in Croatia. It is located on the Pelješac peninsula in the perfect place for your vacation. When you come on holiday in Orebić and rent an apartment or room in private accommodation, you can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, hiking, visit the Maritime Museum and the Franciscan monastery with one of the most beautiful views of the Adriatic sea. Orebic is directly across the strait from the famous town of Korčula. Ferries to the city and the island of Korčula run often, and it is very advisable to visit this ancient city. Orebić was named after the family who rebuilt the castle inside the fortified settlement in 1586. year. During the 19th century, Orebić had 17 of the most important nautical captains in Austria-Hungary, therefore, is also called the city of sailors. Tourism is one of the main sectors of the economy and a major source of income for local people, especially during the summer months. Today, tourists from Hungary, Germany, and ...


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