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Žuljana is a small tourist town in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County in Croatia. It is situated on the southern part of the Pelješac peninsula in the picturesque sandy bay. It is oriented to the west, and overlooks the island of Korčula and Lastovo, and also has a memorable sunset, a truly special experience. Administratively it belongs to the town of Ston, which is only 25 kilometers away. It was first mentioned in written records in the 12th century, and it was named after the church of St. Julian. The village has about 200 permanent residents, who are mainly engaged in tourism, as well as in wine and olive growing and fishing. Accommodation in Žuljana is exclusively offered in apartments, rooms and holiday homes as part of private family accommodation. Here is a post office, exchange office, shop, restaurant, cafe-bar, 4 small private car-camps, and many private rooms and apartments. Active vacation lovers will enjoy in diving crystal clear and fish-rich waters and ride a bike through dense pine-scented forests. From Žuljana, there...


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... are organized excursions to the nearby island of Mljet and the national park, where you can spend a pleasant day. The place is very calm and quiet, and its long beaches and clear waters are true invitations to all families with young children. We invite you to visit Žuljana on the Pelješac peninsula, this little oasis of tranquility and pristine Mediterranean beauty and spend a pleasant and memorable family vacation. Apartments, rooms, and holiday homes are cheaper up to 40% without expensive agency fees. Private accommodation in Žuljana on the Peljesac peninsula. Welcome to Žuljana!