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Opuzen is located in the heart of the Neretva valley on the left bank of the river Neretva. The settlement is situated in a specific landscape of river deltas between sandbars and backwaters. In Opuzen the Neretva divides to Large and Small Neretva river and the plains along the river today is predominantly reclaimed and are used as arable land where mainly citrus is grown and is therefore known as a major center of tangerine production in Croatia. Opuzen was named after the fortress Fort Opus, which was built in 1684 during the rule of the Venetian Republic. The ruins of the fort are partially preserved and are part of the old city wall. The center of the old part of Opuzen makes classic Roman Forum. Important cultural and sporting events held in Opuzen is "Melodije hrvatskog juga" and boat marathon. Boat marathon is a very popular event and is held on the Neretva river every summer with the participation of about 35 boats and their crew. Apartments and rooms in private family houses in Opuzen and surrounding areas. Welcome to Opuzen...


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