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According to ancient Greek myth, the hero Odysseus was going home after many adventures and many years of wandering on the seas. He had an accident and a huge storm sank the ship and the sea throw him into the enchanted island called Ogigija. Epic description of beauty, pleasant climate, gentle bays, caves, and beaches of this mythical island coincides with the unique beauty of the island Mljet. Mljet is the southernmost, the greenest and most beautiful Croatian island. The western part of the island makes Mljet National Park, which covers an area of 54 km2 and which is widely known for Big and Small Lake, dense pine forests and monastery of Santa Maria on the island in the Great Lakes. Mljet island has only 1,088 inhabitants and the largest settlements are Babino Polje, Goveđari, Sobra, Polače, and Pomena. With a holiday on the beaches in the many hidden bays, the vacation time can be filled out with a variety of activities such as walking and hiking, cycling, kayaking and canoeing, diving and discovering hidden caves such as the ...


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...famous Odysseus cave. Book a cheap apartment in private family houses and go like the Odyssey in adventure and enjoy all the delights of this unique island. Welcome to the island of Mljet.

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National park Mljet