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Slano is a small place in the south of Croatia with a small harbor in the bay of the same name. It is located 27 km northwest of Dubrovnik on the main coastal road - popular Adriatic coast road and it is the seat of the municipality of Dubrovnik coastal region. The area of Slano was already inhabited in prehistoric times (the ruins of a castle in the nearby hills) and in ancient times (a Roman castrum on the hill Gradina, early Christian sarcophagi today exposed in front of the Franciscan church). 1399 Slano fell under the rule of the Dubrovnik Republic and was briefly the seat of the Dubrovnik prince (princes palace). Dubrovnik coastal region covers the area north of Dubrovnik, which is situated between the blue Adriatic sea and gentle hills full of olive trees and vines. Because of this diversity, many guests and visitors can relax, enjoy and have fun in a variety of summer activities, from beautiful beaches, water sports, to hiking and biking trails through the Coast. Slano, which is situated in a deep, sheltered bay is ideal for ...


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...swimming and water sports: windsurfing, sailing, water skiing, riding on popular banana, pedal boats, gondolas ... Tourism, fishing, agriculture, olive, wine, fruit growing and growing herbs (sage and bay leaves) are the main occupations. Private accommodation in Slano. We invite you to spend an unforgettable holiday in one of the most beautiful bays of Dubrovnik Riviera. Welcome to Slano!