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Zupa Dubrovacka is part of the Dubrovnik Riviera and is located 6 km southeast of the historic city of Dubrovnik, in the area of mild Mediterranean climate and crystal clear the Adriatic Sea. In all municipality lives about 6,000 residents in several villages. On the north side is bordered by steep mountain slopes covered with Mediterranean and subtropical plants, and to the south is widely known azure color and clarity of the Adriatic Sea. Because of its exceptional beauty, tranquility and peace in Zupa Dubrovacka, already during the Republic of Dubrovnik nobility and wealthy citizens started to build their villas, the forerunner of today's hotels. Although the first tourist steps and beginnings were humble, in the sixties and seventies of the 20th century when hotel like Kupari was built it started a real boom in the development of tourism in this area. Today in this area you can enjoy in the sun and sea, numerous bays, sandy and pebble beaches, secluded coves, modern family apartments, restaurants, taverns, sports courts, diving, t...

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...rips, folk events, and adventures. Private accommodation Zupa Dubrovacka offers you the best and cheapest option if you want to discover Dubrovnik, but also if you want to relax in peace and quiet beauty of preserved nature. Welcome to Zupa Dubrovacka.

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