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Korčula - Brna

Brna is a small tourist place situated in a large bay on the south shore of the island Korčula. Brna developed in the 19th century during Austro Hungarian Empire, when it was built a pier that was used as a port for the inhabitants of the nearby village of Smokvica and primarily for the export of premium wines from Korčula. During the 1970s, Brna became a popular destination for summer houses for the residents of Smokvica, and today is a popular destination for tourists from around the world who have at their disposal a hotel complex and a number of apartments and rooms in private homes. Brna is situated in a very deep bay and is very popular among boaters who use it as a safe anchorage since it is well sheltered from dangerous winds. In the shallow part of the bay, there is a small pebble beach Žal, surrounded by century-old pine trees that provide comfortable shade during hot summer days. Guests can use a couple of cafes and restaurants that offer fresh food and local wine. In the vicinity of Brna is a popular Istruga bay, wher...

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...e is a sandy beach and mud with healing properties. Private accommodation Brna. Welcome to Brna on the island of Korčula!