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Prižba is a small place in Dubrovnik-Neretva County in Croatia. It is located on the southern coast of island Korčula and it offers a great view of the open sea and island of Hvar. It consists of two bays: Vela and Mala Prižba that were formed on both sides of the peninsula in the length of 4 km. Administratively it belongs to the municipality and the town of Blato, which is only 10 kilometers away. From Vela Luka is 15 km and from the town of Korcula 40 km away. These bays until recently were uninhabited, but the development of tourism in the 1960s the whole island of Korcula is experiencing a tourism boom and in Prižba was built first cottages and holiday homes for residents of the town of Blato. Today these houses are adapted to modern accommodation for guests and a great holiday in apartments, villas and private rooms. On the small peninsula Ratak, in the center of Prižba is a beautiful pebble beach with clear seawater and a small convent of the Sisters of Mercy. Prižba is surrounded by numerous vineyards which produce famou...

Korčula - Prižba

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...s Korčula wines, lush evergreen forests and Mediterranean vegetation with their aromatic scents. There is one small car-camp, a few restaurants, and bars, post office, shops, pizzeria, and kiosk. You can rent a bike, and discover the island and its beautiful shores. It is also possible to rent a small motorboat to visit the islands coast and the nearby uninhabited islands Stupa, Crklica, Sridnjak and Vrhovnjak, where you can enjoy in the privacy of swimming and sunbathing. We invite you to visit this hidden part of the island of Korčula. Find accommodation in a number of comfortable and modern rooms and suites and experience all the magic, flavors and aromas of the Mediterranean. Accommodation in Prižba on the island Korčula. Apartments, rooms and other tourist facilities Prižba - Korčula. Welcome to Prižba!