Best of Omiš - Travel guide to Omiš and Omiš riviera

Best of Omiš - Travel guide to Omiš and Omiš riviera

Adriatic sea


Omiš is a small town located in the heart of Dalmatia, more precisely, at the mouth of Cetina river. Omiš is a center of Omiš riviera, which is considered as one of the most beautiful parts of entire Croatia. Omiš has a long, rich and turbulent history. Its name was first mentioned in the 10th century under the name Olmissum, and during the Middle Ages, Omiš was well known for the famous Omiš pirates who ruled the Adriatic.

The history of Omiš

The Greeks settled the area of Omiš in the 4th century BC, and it remained unconquered until 34 years BC when the Roman Empire finally conquered this territory. During that time, the oldest written records of the present-day city of Omiš were found. The most important monuments of Omiš are the stone monuments that are today kept in the City Museum. Roman tombs, tombstones, and sarcophagi are clear signs that Omiš was once a significant Roman settlement.

Around 600 AD, Croats settled the area of present-day Dalmatia. The most significant monument from this period is the Church of St. Peter from the 10th century. During the Middle Ages, between the 12th and 13th centuries, Omiš was ruled by the Kačić princes who led the famous pirates of Omiš. The pirates had fast and light Sagitta ships and they were attacking and burning merchant Venetian, Dubrovnik and Split ships. The fortresses of Mirabella and Fortica today witness to the turbulent past of Omiš.

The climate in Omiš

Dalmatia is on the border of subtropical and mild Mediterranean climate. Summers are long, warm and dry, and winters are mild and rainy. However, since in Dalmatia Bura is frequently blowing (Bura or Bora is a wind that blows from the mainland to the sea), it cools the air and the temperature seems to be much lower than when it is not windy. The most prominent summer wind is certainly Maestral (Mistral), which blows from the northwest and west, and soothes the summer heat and hotness. Almost every morning from the south blows Jugo, a warm and humid wind. In the late summer, it blows more frequently, and it is considered as a dangerous wind especially for sailors since it creates big waves.

The average annual rainfall is about 820 mm. The hottest month is July, with an average temperature of 30 °C.

Winds are important factors that contribute to creating a comfortable climate during the summer months. All these factors provide many benefits for good and quality enjoyment of summer activities in Omiš and its surroundings.

What to do on Omiš riviera?

Active holidays

Due to its favorable location, Omiš is an ideal starting point for numerous trips around Dalmatia. In close vicinity are Radman's mills on the river of Cetina, the island of Brač, Makarska riviera, and Vruja bay.

One of the most beautiful locations for a day trip is Radman's mills, a beautiful excursion destination. It is located only 6 km from Omiš, in the heart of the Cetina river canyon. The incredible nature of Cetina river, clear water, and river rapids are an ideal setting in the hot summer months. Radman's mills can be reached by foot, by car or by tourist train.

Excursions to Brač

The island of Brač is the highest Croatian island and the third-largest island in the Adriatic. It is rich in flora and fauna and it is an indispensable destination for all visitors who visit Omiš and Omiš riviera. Brač is full of ancient cities, but also full of beautiful beaches that ideal for enjoying the summer. The world-famous beach of Zlatni Rat is located in small tourist settlement Bol and every year increasing number of domestic and foreign tourists visit it. Every day from Omiš and Omiš riviera tourist boats are sailing to the island of Brač, on which fresh fish and fine wine are always served.

Gubavica waterfall

Gubavica waterfall is located in Zadvarje, a small village 20 km away from Omiš. This famous waterfall is about 50 meters high. At a time when Cetina river is rich in water, especially in spring, Gubavica waterfall offers an unforgettable sight. During the dry season, the waterfall is less strong but still very attractive. Gubavica waterfall can be easily reached by car.

Red lake and Blue lake

Red lake (Crveno lake) and Blue lake (Modro or Plavo lake) are located 50 km from Omiš, in Imotski. These two lakes are a worldwide phenomenon and every year they attract a large number of visitors. When you are in Omiš, do not miss these unique natural attractions.

Cetina river canyon - Zipline

Cetina river canyon has so much to offer to every visitor. To adrenaline lovers, we recommend zipline above the magnificent river of Cetina where you ride 150 meters above the canyon. The bird's eye views are truly unique. Three hours of adrenaline and pure fun will satisfy even the most demanding visitors.

Cycling adventure

If you are more interested in an active day trip, opt for a cycling adventure through Cetina canyon. On the tour, you will be surrounded by beautiful vineyards, valleys, diverse flora and fauna.


Cetina canyon has been a favorite destination for many hikers for years. There are several hiking trails, and the most attractive one is the one that leads to Fortica fort located on Omiš Dinara. It offers a beautiful and unique view of the Dalmatian islands.

Another trail that you should not miss is Gospa Snježna, located on Stomorica, which leads to the top of Poljica mountain. At the very top, there is a small church, which was named after the stories of a local man who witnessed the fall of snow in the middle of the summer. From the top of the mountain, there is an amazing view of Omiš and its surroundings.

The most beautiful beaches in Omiš

Omiš has many beautiful beaches, perfect for summer activities for families with children as well as young people. The city's largest beach is the Great beach (Velika beach). Great beach is a sandy beach more than 700 meters long. It is ideal for kids playing in the sandy shallows. Furthermore, there are sports fields on the beach, such as a beach volleyball court or table tennis. When weather conditions allow, anyone interested can try out windsurfing. There are numerous cafes and restaurants around the beach where you can look for refreshment after enjoying the sun all day long.

The most famous pebble beaches in Omiš are Nemira, Stanići, Lokva Rogoznica, and Mimice. Most beaches are surrounded by pine trees, so besides of thick natural shade, you can also enjoy a blend of typical unique sea scents.

Gastronomy in Omiš

Gastronomy in Omiš is a blend of two culinary styles - Dalmatian and Mediterranean cuisine. In the first place, there are various types of delicious fish and seafood which are prepared in a variety of ways. Grilled sea bream is served in almost all restaurants. Smoked prosciutto is an authentic food of this area, and don't miss the taste of Poljički soparnik. The cuisine of Omiš is based on olive oil and homemade spices such as rosemary and laurel leaves.

The most delicious seafood specialties you must try are brudet, octopus under the bell ("peka") and black risotto.

Accommodation on Omiš riviera

In Omiš and its surroundings, accommodation is mainly concentrated in private apartments and villas. There are hotels, motels, and similar accommodation, but if you want the best value for money or you want luxury accommodation with lots of fun and sports facilities, private apartments and villas are the best choices.

This type of accommodation is far more acceptable not only for couples but also for families with children. Enjoy complete privacy while on hot summer nights sipping refreshing cocktails in the private pool surrounded by greenery or enjoying the incredible view of the beautiful blue sea, Omiš and the surrounding area, from the private terrace of the apartment.

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