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Drvenik Veli is a tiny but inhabited island located in the middle of the Adriatic archipelago, northwest of the island of Solta and only 1.8 km from the mainland. The only settlement on the island is also called Drvenik Veli and here live only 150 permanent inhabitants. The island was first inhabited in the 15th century. Since there are no urban areas nor industrial plants, the island of Drvenik and its nature remained intact. The landscape of this green island is full of cypress and pine trees, bushes and groves of Aleppo pine and oak with some vineyards and olive groves. With all this island of Drvenik is rich in authentic gastronomic delicacies of the Mediterranean fig, carob, and various citrus. Karst nature of the island will create the image of an authentic landscape and a specific ambiance of Dalmatia. The coastline is made up of numerous sand and pebble beaches which are characterized by crystal clear water in the bays such as Solin, Drvenik, Mala Luka, and Grabule. If you wish to spend a vacation in untouched nature surrounde...

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...d by peace and quiet with typical Mediterranean sounds of crickets and birds singing, and if you want to experience the ambiance and authentic island atmosphere, Drvenik is the right choice for you. Accommodation is offered in numerous apartments and rooms of private family houses whose owners will offer you with local delicacies. Apartments, rooms and holiday homes on the island of Drvenik. Welcome!

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Blue lagoon (Krknjaši)
Blue lagoon (Krknjaši)