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Municipality Seget consists of six villages, namely: Bristivica, Ljubitovica, Prapatnica, Seget Donji, Seget Gornji and Seget Vranjica. Seget Donji is the largest settlement in the municipality of Seget and is located just two kilometers west of the UNESCO-town of Trogir and has a long tradition in tourism. Thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate and favorable geographical position, residents of Seget are mainly engaged in agriculture, fishing, and tourism. Seget Gornji was built in 1564 when Trogir nobleman James Rotondo got permission to build the castle. Later around the castle will form a settlement which was surrounded by a defensive wall and four towers due to the Turkish threat. Inside the castle in Seget is the parish church of Our Lady of the Rosary, which was built in the 18th century. The whole municipality Seget is a suitable destination for family tourism. Throughout the coast stretches a beautiful pebble beach with crystal clear waters and numerous restaurants and bars. Along the beach is a nice promenade to the hotel...


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... - apartment complex Medena. Near hotel Medena, there are numerous activities for children and water sports, tennis courts and other sports facilities which are open to all visitors. In addition to the hotel, Okrug offers numerous and diverse private accommodation from luxury suites with a breathtaking view over Okrug, Trogir, and Čiovo, to the low-cost rooms and apartments next to the beach. We invite you to visit Seget and discover all its interesting and rich tourist and gastronomic offer! Welcome to Seget!