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Jadrtovac is a small village located within the large bay Morinje, 11 km south of Šibenik. Although it is a small village with just over 150 residents, Jadrtovac has a long and rich history. Here are the remains of an early Christian church, Renaissance and Baroque altar and a tower from the 16th century. Morinje bay in which is situated Jadrtovac is known as the natural area for spawning fish. Because of the mixed freshwater and seawater, the cultivation of shellfish is popular. The northern part of the bay is rich with therapeutic mud, which in recent times attract many visitors because of its many medicinal properties. Residents of Jadrtovac are engaged mainly in traditional jobs like fisheries and agriculture, and the more recently in tourism. The villagers in their family houses gladly accommodate any domestic or foreign guests who still prefers to spend vacations in the secluded, small and quiet place. The exceptional natural beauty of the bay and the vicinity of Žaborić and Brodarica are good conditions for the intensive de...


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...velopment of tourism. Many boaters appreciate the tranquility of Morinje bay, and Jadrtovac becomes a regular stop on their summer cruises. Close to popular tourist destinations such as Šibenik and Primošten makes Jadrtovac an even more attractive place for a holiday as it offers much cheaper accommodation. Apartments, rooms and holiday homes in Jadrtovac. Contact directly owners of private accommodation in Jadrtovac and save up to 40% on high agency fees. Welcome to the Jadrtovac!