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Grebaštica is a little picturesque tourist village in Šibenik-Knin County, located in the large bay, 14 km south of Šibenik. This is one of the deepest waters in Šibenik-Knin county, which attracts boaters throughout the year with its natural beauty. The town was first mentioned in written records in 1298 as Grebac when it was founded in Šibenik diocese when the town council gave their possessions in Grebaštica to the diocese. The remains of Roman buildings and stone lid of the Roman sarcophagus found in the local cemetery next to the Church of Peter and Mary testify that here once upon a time was a Roman settlement. The best known and most attractive historical sight is defensive wall now known as Bastion, which is dividing peninsula Oštrica and which once served as a defense against the Turks. This rampart wall ten meters high and one meter wide, with battlements and loopholes was built in the late 15th century. Residents of Grebaštica traditionally been engaged in producing olive oil, fishing, farming, and more recently are...


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... increasingly turning to tourism and the provision of services of private accommodation in their households. The whole Grebaštica is surrounded by long pebbles beaches, Mediterranean vegetation, and pine forests, and offers perfect conditions for a family holiday. During the summer months as well as every Dalmatian city, Grebaštica comes alive. Entertainment includes a variety of music nights, evenings, fishing nights, and other events. Sports and recreation lovers can enjoy diving, fishing, sailing, hiking, cycling, volleyball, basketball, football, and many other activities. If you want to taste the specialties of this region and enjoy the gastronomy of Dalmatia, visit one of the famous restaurants along the main road. On their menus, you can find excellent food and local wines. Visit Grebaštica and contact directly the owners of the apartments and save up to 40% on high agency fees. Apartments, rooms and private accommodation in Grebaštica. Welcome to Grebaštica!