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Zablaće is a small village located along the coast 8 km away from the town of Šibenik, near the famous holiday resort Solaris. The place itself was first mentioned in medieval documents from 1432 as a place where Šibenik built and used the salt pans. Due to the frequent Turkish threat salt pans in 1646 completely stopped working. And today there are names of former old salt pans: Veliko Jezero, Mala Solina (Blato) and Mala Solana that is with channel connected to the sea. The whole area is extremely rich in medicinal mud, useful in the treatment of rheumatic and various other diseases. The primary activity of the population, was the production of salt, however, after the closure of the salt works residents of Zablaće begin to engage in fishing, cattle breeding, and agriculture. Today, however tourism is becoming a new and important industry, and residents generally offer comfortable accommodation in apartments and rooms inside their private homes. This quiet village except for accommodation in private houses offers the possibilit...


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...y of camping in a pine forest. The decorated concrete beach attracts many visitors and is very popular among the residents of the town of Šibenik. For all lovers of sports and active holiday, we recommend visiting the hotel complex Solaris, which offers a variety of entertainment and sports facilities. Search for affordable private accommodation in Zablaće. Welcome to Zablaće!