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Prvić is a small island in the Šibenik archipelago, located about 1 kilometer from the mainland, close to the town of Vodice. The total surface area is 2.5 km2 and here lives 400 permanent residents in two places on the island: Prvić Luka and Šepurine. Šepurine is located on the west side of the island opposite the town of Vodice and Prvić Luka is located in a large bay on the southeast side of the island, which is well protected from northern and western winds. In addition to several small tractors and fire vehicles, the island has no cars, and the connection with the mainland is by ferry which runs few times a day from Šibenik - Prvić - Vodice. The entire island is under the protection of the Croatian Ministry of Culture, due to its exceptional and rich cultural and natural heritage. In the 14th and 15th century the island belonged to noble families from Šibenik. The most famous member of a noble family who was born on Prvić was a famous Croatian historian, inventor, and diplomat Faust Vrančić. In his honor was erected t...


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...he museum full of his inventions in Prvić Luka. Residents of Prvić are mainly engaged in the production of olives, grapes, fishing, and tourism. Tourism today is a major economic sector, most of the accommodation facilities refers to the private accommodation in apartments because the island has only one small hotel. The island has several restaurants, pizzerias, and cafes, and in the summer months are often organized performances of traditional a capella singing, and famous folk festival in August. On the island of Prvić, you can relax and rest on one of the many pebbles beaches in Šepurine or well-kept gravel concrete beaches in Prvić Luka. Facing the open sea and Kornati islands, the sea is exceptionally clear and clean, and the climate is more than pleasant. Visit this natural oasis of peace, tranquility and authentic Dalmatian charm and book your apartment directly with the owners of private houses. Apartments, rooms and private accommodation on the island of Prvić. Welcome to Prvić!