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Tribunj is a small picturesque Dalmatian town with associated Sovlje village located about five kilometers from Vodice and more than ten kilometers from the city of Šibenik. It is situated in the heart of the Dalmatian coast in Šibenik - Knin County, in Croatia. Through the history, Tribunj was known as the Jurjevgrad, and it was named after the fortress on the hill above the town, however, centuries of uncertainty and the Turkish threat forced the inhabitants to flee to the nearby island, which today makes a distinctive and picturesque old town. Here the inhabitants of Tribunj found safety within the walls of the castle. After the Turkish threat passed, Tribunj developed and slowly took today shape. Unlike the better-known neighbor Vodice, which is today known for the mass tourism and large crowds, Tribunj has kept the charm of a small and authentic Dalmatian town. Although in the last decade residents turned to tourism, Tribunj is still recognizable by fishing and olive growing, which along with tourism are still the two main bran...


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...ches of the economy. Tribunj has 578 households with a total of 1,600 permanent residents, of which the vast majority offers quality and affordable accommodation in apartments and rooms. Tribunj has numerous bicycle paths that pass through vineyards and olive trees and are ideal for tourists who like active vacations. Here they can experience the charm and intoxicating scents of the Mediterranean in this region. In the Rupa cove and several other smaller inlets west of the village there are several beaches and the most beautiful and popular is beach Sovlja. The longest is beach Bristak, which can be easily reached by walking along the marina to the east behind the breakwater of St. Nicholas. Enjoying the pleasures of the sea and water sports will best complement the adrenaline services of local sports clubs and associations. Tribunj has a marina that has 240 berths and 150 places on the land, but because of its location attracts many boaters. The specificity of this place is that early in the morning when the fishermen return from the hunt, waterfront becomes a show of fresh fish and seafood, so you can buy fresh fish here. You can also try a variety of seafood dishes, but also taste quality wine in many restaurants and taverns. Like other Dalmatian towns, in Tribunj during the summer are organized traditional festivals and the most famous are Tribunj and Fishermen's night. We invite you to contact directly the owners of the apartments and ensure high-quality accommodation in this charming little town. Search for affordable private accommodation in Tribunj. Welcome to Tribunj!