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Jezera is a small tourist place in the southeast part of the island of Murter in Sibenik-Knin County, in Croatia. Administratively it belongs to the municipality Tisno and with almost 1,000 inhabitants, after Tisno, is the second-largest settlement in the municipality. Jezera is 28 km northwest of Šibenik and arrival is very easy because the island Murter is connected to the mainland by a drawbridge. Name Jezera comes from large ponds or lakes that are created during the rainy part of the year. Mud or lake, which was formed in ancient times in wetlands southwest of the town, for the most part, is drained due to malaria at the beginning of the 20th century. Located in the southeast part of the island of Murter in the bay naturally protected from strong winds, Jezera is settled all the way to bay Lovišća, which houses a tourist destination Jezera-Lovišća. Murter is by population the largest and most densely populated island of the Šibenik archipelago. Residents of Jezera are traditionally engaged in viticulture, olive growing, fru...

Murter - Jezera

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YouTube video growing, fishing, sailing and extraction of sand and stones. Because of little arable land, since ancient times, the local population turned to the sea, sailing, and fishing. During summer on the city's waterfront early in the morning you can always find and buy fresh fish. Residents of Jezera are the owners of a number of islands east and south of the island of Murter, including part of the island of Kaprije and Žirje and lower part of the estate on the Kornati. Today, like most of the island villages, Jezera are turned to tourism and the majority of local people are providing quality and affordable accommodation in apartments and rooms inside their private homes. Jezera has been the recipient of numerous awards and five years in a row have won the most prestigious award for beauty and tidiness of the environment: Blue Flower from Croatian National Tourist Board. There is a hotel close to the beach and marina Jezera, which is one of the best nautical centers of northern Dalmatia and the winner of the Blue flag. At the other end of town, bay Lovišća is a tourist resort and a camp is a destination for many European campers. From Jezera are organised daily excursions to the nearby Kornati islands and Krka waterfalls, so we recommend you go to at least on one of the offered excursions. In Jezera, you can enjoy and have fun during days of the sea, an event which runs from mid-July to early September, and offers a number of cultural events, entertainment, and sports facilities. We invite you to visit Jezera on the island of Murter, book affordable private accommodation and enjoy all the comforts that are offered by its friendly inhabitants. Apartments, rooms and holiday homes in Jezera on the island of Murter. Welcome to Jezera!