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Tisno is a small town and seat of the municipality in Šibenik-Knin in Croatia. Tisno was named after the Croatian word Tisno which means strait, describing its position partly on the island of Murter, and partly on the mainland on a narrow strait just 38 meters wide, which separates the island Murter from the mainland. With the mainland is connected by a drawbridge that during the summer months is raised twice a day. Tisno was first mentioned in 1475 when the Venetians at this point built a fortress that protected the local population from the frequent Turkish invasions. Many residents from the interior during this period left their villages and took refuge in the safer island Murter. The parish church of St. Spirit was built in 1548, rebuilt in Baroque style in 1640. In the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century, Tisno was the administrative center and cradle of trade and commerce, which was specially developed between the two world wars. Along with trade and commerce traditional activity has been growing grapes, olive...

Murter - Tisno

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...s, and fishing. The population is still engaged in agriculture and fishing, but tourism is slowly becoming the main source of income and it is mostly by renting apartments and rooms in private accommodation. In Tisno there is hotel accommodation, apartments, and rooms of high category within the private family accommodation and a campsite. In Tisno you can enjoy the lush greenery, spacious squares, long promenade, and beautiful rocky beaches. Not far from Tisno on Murter you can visit a number of known rocky and sandy beaches with a rich gastronomic offer and numerous sports and water activities. On the island of Murter are also regularly organized daily trips to the National Park Kornati. Tisno is famous for The Garden Festival of electronic music, which is visited by many domestic and foreign guests. If you visit Tisno, you will certainly not regret it because this little place offers a variety of opportunities both for active recreation and for all those looking for fun or simply peace, sunbathing and swimming. Private accommodation in Tisno. Apartments, rooms, and holiday homes in Tisno and surroundings. Welcome to Tisno!