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Zaton - Šibenik

Zaton is a small village, located in the northwestern part of the Šibenik bay, 10 km from Šibenik. Surrounded by hills, it is situated on the very edge of the bay near the channel that connects Prukljan lake with salted Šibenik bay. In it resides almost 1200 inhabitants, and the backbone of the economy consists of farming, fishing and more recently in tourism. Thanks to its developed activities Zaton has a rich gastronomic offer which includes ham, cheese, lamb, fresh fish, shellfish from the bay, crabs, high-quality olive oil and wine. Zaton is best reached by boat from Šibenik. The sea is calm, regardless of strong winds or storms, and the perfect harbor for small boats and yachts. The specialty of this place is the mixing of freshwater carried by the river Krka and the salt of the sea that comes from Šibenik canal. We recommend visiting the Krka National Park and its beautiful waterfalls. Zaton is an ideal place for a quiet and peaceful family vacation, recreation and excursions. Due to the extremely favorable natural conditio...

Zaton - Šibenik

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...ns here has been built quality rowing path with accompanying facilities for the Mediterranean Sports Games. Zaton has its own festival, which is traditionally held on the sixteenth of August on the Feast of St. Roch when suddenly the whole place comes alive. If you love nature and peace and quiet then the Zaton is the ideal destination for your vacation. Contact apartment owners directly and save up to 40%. Search for high-quality private accommodation in Zaton - Šibenik. Welcome to Zaton-Šibenik!