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Žirje is the farthest and the largest island of the Šibenik archipelago. It is located 22 kilometers southwest of Šibenik close to the Kornati National Park. Its area is 15 km2 and here live only a hundred residents. The island was most likely named after the once dense forests of Mediterranean oak, which once covered most of the island ("žir" on Croatian means acorn). Today the island has a maquis that was used for grazing numerous flocks of sheep and goats. Beside maquis here are important pine forests and small wild animals. The main agricultural crops are olives, grapes, figs, prunes, and almonds, mainly in the flat fertile field located in the interior of the island. With the mainland and the city of Šibenik is linked by ferry and express lines, which runs several times a day. On the island, there are roads and paths that make up the extensive network of over thirty kilometers. Žirje is known as a fishing village and a rich fishing area. It stands out with its natural beauty, wild and unspoiled nature, clear and blue sea, w...


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...ild, rocky beaches such as those in bays Velika, Mala Stupica and Koromačna, which are a frequent target of boaters. From sports activities, you can enjoy in cycling and trekking, but if you want to spend a quiet holiday and enjoy the benefits of a warm summer, we recommend a full day relaxing in the privacy of the many hidden coves and beaches. Like any other inhabited Dalmatian island, Žirje has its fisherman's festival and besides it, there are a sports and entertainment event islanders games, and rural festivities for the feast of the Assumption. Visit the farthest island of Šibenik archipelago, find your ideal apartment or room and briefly escape from hectic everyday life. Private accommodation on the island of Žirje. Welcome to Žirje!