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Solin is a town located north of Split, surrounded by mountains Kozjak (779 m) to the north and Mosor (1339 m) to the east. Solin developed on the site of the ancient city of Salona which was the capital of the former Roman province and the birthplace of Emperor Diocletian. After the arrival of the Avars and the Croats in the 7th century, the town was destroyed and its inhabitants fled to the village around the Palace, Spalatum (Split), turning it into a fortified town. The intense process of industrialization of Split in the 20th century, Solin became a suburb of Split. Today Solin has independent status and is part of the Split conurbation well connected to other cities. In addition to the industry as a major economic sector, tourism potential is being developed lately and is based on numerous archaeological sites from the Roman period. It is also known for the many urban parks with a clear river Jadro. Find cheap private accommodation in Solin! Welcome to Solin!...


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